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Bizen ware's significance as dining ware — dressing up food


How is Bizen ware used after it is purchased? Due to its price, perhaps there are many people out there who store it away in a chest or use it as a decoration in their guest rooms.


If you aren't actually getting use out of your Bizen ware, you are really missing out. Bizen ware is meaningless until it is actually used.


As you can tell by looking at Bizen ware's history — starting out in items used on a daily basis — it is naturally made to be used in normal life.


Bizen ware brings beauty to your meals
To begin with, Bizen ware is incomplete on its own; it only becomes complete when it is accompanied by flower arrangements, food, or some other companion.


To illustrate, which of the pictures below looks more attractive — the one where the Bizen ware sits there all alone, or the one where it holds a plate of curry?



Bizen ware's defining feature is that it makes use of earthy materials in their natural state. To maximize the charm of Bizen ware, it has to actually be used. Bizen ware has the effect of emphasizing the colors of food, such as vegetables, without ever putting itself in the forefront.


However, this effect can't be seen unless you actually use it, which is why you can't afford to just set your Bizen ware out as a decoration.


Besides that, pouring green tea into a Bizen ware container can bring out even richer colors in the tea. Setting some Japanese treats to the side should add further depth to the taste.


Putting Western sweets or fruits on a Bizen ware plate is no problem either. Now again, the picture on the bottom right here is a Bizen ware cup filled with ice coffee. In this manner, Bizen ware goes well with all kinds of things, including western cuisine and sweets.



If you are using your Bizen ware solely as an ornament, you should try putting it to use in your everyday life as soon as possible. If you are going to purchase Bizen ware in the future, go ahead and make use of it almost every day — doing so will surely highlight the colors of your food and make your meals tastier.


Bizen ware in action inside the home
It should be noted that Bizen ware comes in many varieties: beer servers, wine coolers, and more. Whatever it is, the piece is finished with Bizen ware's distinctive warm colors, in contrast to metallic objects. Also, since it is difficult for heat to penetrate Bizen ware, there is little concern of water droplets forming when a cup is chilled.



And not only that — Bizen ware has different designs depending on how it was fired, which means that even if we look at the same kind of Bizen ware beer server, each work will have its own defining characteristics and aura. This is also a defining feature of Bizen ware.


There are even Bizen ware USB memory sticks. Bizen ware can be put to use for anything that is used on a daily basis.



Bizen ware, in this respect, is not simply an item to be visually admired — it exists as a must-have item, bringing out deeper tastes, enhancing the colors of food, and more.

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