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Bizen ware in action outside the home


The exterior refers to the area outside of a house, and encompasses the yard and front entrance. Although there are a large number of people who are particular when it comes to the interior of their house, it is important to place importance on the exterior as well.


Letting the exterior fall by the wayside will result in a house with a rundown appearance. No matter how high-tech of a house you have, if the exterior is not well-accounted for, it will end up being embarrassing to invite guests over.


Therefore, work must be done with ample consideration of the exterior as well, and this is a great time to consider the use of Bizen ware.


Bizen ware in action on western and japanese-style exteriors
Bizen ware is a kind of pottery that got its start in commodities for daily use. One of those commodities was a tsubo, or pot, for storing foodstuffs and water, and has been used for ages.


And now, Bizen ware is widely used as a component in enhancing household exteriors. Take, for example, pieces in which Bizen ware tiles are embedded in the ground – inserting Bizen ware into concrete can instantly transform that barren atmosphere into a warm and welcome atmosphere.


Otherwise, there is also lighting that can bolster the image of the exterior by lighting up the yard and entrance. Use Bizen ware here and you will be able to create a distinct impression that cannot be achieved by other light fixtures.


While it is true that we are talking about electric lighting here, if you use LED bulbs, it won’t cost you so much in electricity. Not only that – you can designate a time for all the lights go off. This lighting is a superb item that also helps bolster your home security as it brightly illuminates your yard and the area around the front of your house.


There are also a number of people who use Bizen ware for nameplates and family crests. Just incorporating a little Bizen ware on the exterior of your house will create a distinct exterior that stands apart from the rest.


When Bizen ware comes to mind, there are many who imagine items used inside the house, like dishware and flower vases; however, Bizen ware can also play an active role outside of the house.


Add color to flowers and breathe life into water
Bizen ware is said to “add color to flowers and breathe life into water”. This is because it is fully devoted to its own role as a sidekick, playing the role of fully enhancing the center of attention – whether flowers or anything else.


The same thing can be said for household exteriors as well. Use Bizen ware for your household nameplate and you will see the area around the entrance to your property become livelier. The austere, earthy-colored nameplate makes for a great accent.


Making the tiles of the path leading up to your front door out of Bizen ware is another effective use. Add to that an entrance brightly illuminated with artificial lighting, and you will be able to create a major impact on visitors.


Bizen ware used as dining ware can enhance the color tones and tastes of food. Even with beer, it can make the foam silky smooth and improve the taste. These kinds of abilities, in the sense of “enhancing the beauty of the surroundings”, are no different when it comes to using Bizen ware on the exterior of your house.

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