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Bizen ware brings out the beauty in flowers and extends their lifespans


Unlike other ceramic wares, Bizen ware has the effect of making water and alcohol taste better, which is due to the fact that Bizen ware is fired using raw materials as they are.


Ordinarily, a glass-like substance known as glaze is applied to the surface of ceramic wares. However, Bizen ware does not make use of glaze, which is perhaps why Bizen ware is able to purify water and turn second-rate sake into premium sake. Also, placing flowers in Bizen ware will make them bloom longer than usual.


Bringing out the beauty in flowers
Bizen ware’s beauty lies in the fact that it is an earthy-colored kind of pottery. Usually, when you think of ceramic wares, you think of flashy colors and items with paintings. However, there is not a single piece of Bizen ware like that.


What makes all the difference is the design that emerges when the work is fired. The artisan must consider carefully where to place the work in the kiln to bring about the desired pattern and make the most of the beauty of the raw materials.


This is why Bizen ware cannot, by any standard, be called flashy and gaudy pottery. Bizen ware, when put on display all by its lonesome, will remain incomplete in that condition forever.


On the flip side, we can say that Bizen ware’s defining feature is drawing out and maximizing the charm of its companion. It is completely devoted to its role as a sidekick, never taking center stage on its own. It is this aspect of Bizen ware that lets it highlight the beauty of flowers on display in it.



Extending the life of flowers
Since long ago, Bizen ware has been said to have the ability to purify water. Simply placing a fragment of Bizen ware into a flower vase brings longer lives to flowers.


Also, dropping some Bizen ware into water makes the water taste better. Cook rice with this water, and you will end up with fuller-bodied rice. The saying, “Putting sake in a Bizen ware bottle turns second-rate sake into premium sake,” also stems from this ability of Bizen ware.


The true value of Bizen ware really shines when it is actually put to use. It highlights the inherent hues of flowers while its purifying effects on water prevent the flowers from withering. It is because of these features that Bizen ware is highly-treasured in day-to-day life.


Take advantage of Bizen ware and transform plain old tap water into top-of-the-line water. Use this water when cooking to highlight flavors, or pour it into a flower vase or aquarium and watch the flowers or fish inside start to exude vitality. The beauty of Bizen ware lies in the fact that there is more to the story than just being plain old pottery.

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