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Okayama Prefectural Bizen Ware Art Museum


The Okayama Prefectural Bizen Ware Art Museum is located next to JR Inbe Station. The museum exhibits and reveals works and documents regarding traditional Bizen ware from long ago until modern times.


The museum was built to contribute to bolstering traditional Bizen ware culture by disseminating information and getting the word out on Bizen ware.


Adults: ¥700
High School & University Students: ¥400
Elementary & Jr. High Students: Free
*Note: Groups of 20 or more can receive a discount of ¥100 per person


Operating Hours
9:30 - 17:00 (Admission closes at 16:30)


Mondays (Or the following day when a holiday falls on Monday)  
New Year's Vacation: December 29th - January 3rd


Inbe, Bizen City, Okayama 1659-6



The Okayama Prefectural Bizen Ware Museum is a four-story building. Visitors can find commentary on the techniques and production processes (including the development of clay, making the pottery, production, and firing) of Bizen ware on the first floor. From time to time, there are events and programs held in the museum.


Classic Bizen ware (Bizen ware from its initial stages – from the Kamakura Period to the Momoyama Period) is on display on the second floor. Bizen ware in its initial stages was used in general-purpose items made for daily use, gradually earning its claim to fame as chatō (a container for putting tea in) with the growing demand for tea. Classic Bizen ware refers to the Bizen ware of this era.


Works that cannot be seen anywhere else are also on display, such as saishiki bizen made in the Edo Period.


On the third floor, there are displays of flagship works by the five Living National Treasures for Bizen ware (Kanashige Tōyō, Kei Fujiwara, Yamamoto Tōshū, Fujiwara Yū, and Isezaki Jun). Visitors can pick up on the passion and technique of these Living National Treasures from their works.


Moving up to the fourth floor, visitors can see works by artisans active in all kinds of art exhibitions and traditional arts and crafts exhibitions. Visitors have the opportunity to experience the unique works of artisans that are currently active.

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