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Fall in love with your very own “original Bizen ware”


Potters working with Bizen ware carefully craft their works one by one. Also, designs are dependent on the location and conditions of the piece when placed in the kiln. Consequently, there are no two identical works in existence.


Add your name or special mark to that mix and you can have a work of Bizen ware that is your very own. Since it is made especially for you, you will need to put in a special order for Bizen ware.


Bizen ware with your name on it
It is not just designs that can be done when firing a Bizen ware work – you can also have your own name placed on the work as mentioned above. Have a look below at the Bizen ware cups fashioned with letters and designs.



As shown, it is possible to depress only the part with letters and it is also possible to change colors only on the depressed parts. Even with the same kind of cup, too, the design will change greatly depending on how the cup is fired.


This original Bizen ware carries a great impact when given as a gift, whether as a commemorative gift, wedding gift, or for any other occasion. Don’t forget letter-engraved Bizen ware as a candidate the next time you want to send a one-of-a-kind gift.


However, you must put your order in early. Since a firing process is necessary after the letters are engraved, they cannot be made in advance.


As such, it takes one month at the minimum from receipt of your order until the product is shipped. If your order is placed right after unloading the kiln, you could wait two months or more for the product to be shipped. At any rate, when ordering Bizen ware engraved with your name or mark, you will need to get started early.


Utilizing the present in everyday life
Of customers who order these one-of-a-kind gifts, there are some families making use of their Bizen ware as nameplates for their houses. Run-of-the-mill nameplates have absolutely no outstanding features, but using Bizen ware for your nameplate has quite an impact.


If you have a visitor familiar with Bizen ware, no doubt they will be blown away when they see your nameplate.


Using Bizen ware for nameplates comes from the same concept as the name-engraved Bizen ware from earlier. Engraving letters on Bizen ware allows it to be used in a variety of ways.


If you are ever stumped on what to get someone as a present, why not consider Bizen ware inscribed with a message for a certain somebody? You can present your feelings through the medium of the ancient traditional craftwork of Bizen ware. And if you do, no doubt the recipient of your gift will be truly moved.


Bizen ware is also a kind of pottery that developed in use as everyday goods, so when giving an original Bizen ware gift to someone, be sure to tell them they should use it in their everyday life.


Bizen ware purifies water and makes beer foam silky smooth and more delicious. The recipient of the Bizen ware, for these reasons, will be all the more surprised by putting it to actual use.


Gifts like original Bizen ware tend to end up stored away in a drawer, but Bizen ware, rather, shows its true effectiveness by being put to use on a daily basis. For that reason, try making the suggestion to the recipient to get some use out of it when presenting them with Bizen ware.

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